Top Quality Manufacturing Specialists in Horsham

Welding & Fabrication

At Neil Dunne Welding & Fabrication we’ve built our reputation on faultless production processes. We believe that this is the only way to ensure both first-class production standards and speedy, punctual delivery of top-quality goods to our clients.

Milling & Turning

We are able to undertake turning in most materials including steel, brass, aluminium and plastics for both large and small batches. We have the equipment to provide precision engineering for a whole range of applications.

Custom Automotive Parts

Neil Dunne Welding & Fabrication is synonymous with first-class products. We have an extensive range of items, which all meet stringent manufacturing quality and safety standards. Our reputation is second to none.

Neil Dunne Welding & FabricationWelcome to Neil Dunne Welding & Fabrication

We offer high-quality Welding & Fabrication Services along with the Milling & Turning of components in large and small quantities. In addition we manufacture a range of specialised Automotive Components.

Combine this with outstanding customer service we are confident that you won’t be disappointed so we look forward to hearing from you !